All I wanted was a copy of my credit report. I was in a rush to get the report and wanted to pay the $23 for the single report.

After trying to pay online I got error on their website and it said I had to call them directly to put the order through (how convenient). So I called and told them I wanted the single report for $23. Turns out they offer the same report for $15 that comes with other useless online services. After 45 minutes of non-stop pressure to get the "online protection bull$&%" for $15 and calling me "silly" to want to buy the $23 report I gave in and signed up for the $15 online service.

I printed my report and then called them immediately back to TRY and cancel. No go - the Indian guy I spoke to said he would extend my product for another 2 months for free. I said I have no use for it anymore and he said to try it for free for the next 2 months and he would HAVE IT CANCELLED before the next billing date so I would not be charged anything. I agreed.

So I now look at my statement and my credit card has been billed AGAIN! I called today and the new indian guy I talked to said there was a computer error and that's why I got the free few months that I did and that technically they should be charging for the other months. I told him I want a refund and he said there is nothing he can do.

I hate the idea of a company that bullies, lies and uses pressure tactics has access to all my sensitive personal information. This should not be allowed.

I have never been so ticked off.

These guys are scammers. This type of company should not exist.

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