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I have contradictions on my credit report breakdown; What' Helping: Total of all balances on bankcard or revolving credit not too high. What's Hurting: The balances on your accounts are too high compared to loan amounts. What' Helping: There are no or only a few recent delinquencies on your accounts. What's Hurting: You have too many delinquent or derogatory accounts. (I do not have any actually). What's Hurting: The balance on your... Read more

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I am in the process of applying for an apartment but they can't approve me because my Equifax credit report is apparently frozen. However, when I called Equifax they told me they have no credit information on file for me. This has happened before but for something else. Their customer service is useless & kept telling me to send a copy of my SSN & driver's license rather than transfer me to someone higher up to fix the issue. I found credit... Read more

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I have a credit freeze on my account with each of the three credit reporting agencies. Lifting the freeze with Transunion and Experian is simply a matter of going to thier website, providing my id and passwords and indicating the period for which I want the freeze lifted. This takes about 30 seconds. With Equifax, the story is much different. First, although I have a freeze on my account (I am on the phone with Eqiufax now and they have... Read more

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Equifax offers little actual customer service. Their toll free number leads you to an automated service. Their automated service leads you to another toll free number. You can reach an actual person, but then the person redirects you to the website or the automated telephone system. No one answers even the simplest questions. All I wanted was a direct link to the free credit report. Now they are sending me downtown to their offices where I am... Read more

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I am trying to get my freeze lifted but equifax is not helping at all. It is impossible to get any service and when I finally got thru I was disconnected. I did everything I was told to do to get my pin, but I never heard from them. This is the worst company I have every dealt with. I need to have the freeze lifted in order to get a new credit card. I wonder if I can sue them. I have called but never get any help. Just a monment ago I was... Read more

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I applied for a couple of credit cards and they said I had to make more money before they would issue a credit card. I was working as a security guard and being paid poorly. I accepted the credit card companies refusal and went to a bank to see if I could get a loan, I didn't like the bank because of the interest rate they wanted to charge. I applied and they did a credit check and said no. I asked why and they told me Equifax had deducted... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 08
  • #862062

Equifax is selling consumers their credit report and score and selling lenders a totally different report and score( usually lower)

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 02
  • #858684

Reported me as deceased called equifax could not and would not help. Only pass the buck, the people that I talked to were in phillipines and did not understand Englisn or where trained not to equifax is a total ripoff I am filing a complaint to bbb and other agencies. Also having my attorney try and contact equifax.

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  • From mobile
  • May 18
  • #850381

Tried to get a free credit report , ended up being billed for a subscription which i did not want Phone number given for obtaining the free report after a credit denial takes you on an never ending loop of " i did not get that"

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  • From mobile
  • May 17
  • #849583

Customer service is can never get an answer or isdue resolved. I c o not recommend.

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